Cave Baby's Gone Missing

Date: 10th Oct 2017 @ 8:20am

Cave Baby's Gone Missing

Panic swept across year 1 last week as news spread that something terrible had happened. Cave Baby had gone missing!

Where had he gone? 

He wasn't in his cot. He wasn't painting with his Cave Mum and wasn't being brave with Cave Dad. We could only assume the worst had happened...

The mammoth had taken him to the BIG, BROWN BEAR!

Cave Dad had warned him him about this, if he kept painting on the walls a mammoth would come and take him to the big, brown bear. Cave Baby didn't listen. He kept painting spots on the hyena, stripes on the hare, stars on the tiger, squiggles on the bear and zigzags on the mammoth. He thought it was lots of fun, but where is he now. The children were trying to think of different places Cave Baby could be hiding. We even checked the ceiling, but it was no use. Mr Jordan left the classroom to see if he was anywhere in school, taking a meter rule for protection incase the big, brown bear appeared. 

Suddenly, there was a thud at the door and a very brave looking Caveman came in. It was Cave Dad! He asked everyone if they'd seen Cave Baby, he'd being looking everywhere for him and it was just no good. He looked very confused about where he was, the children don't think he had ever seen a school before. Cave Dad asked the children for his help, he needed to know what everything in the classroom was and why it was there. This might just help him find Cave Baby!

The children were happy to help. They beautifully described our classroom and explained why everything was there using the word because. Cave Dad found this very helpful and fortunately Cave Baby was found asleep in his cot, covered in paint.

Then Mr Jordan came back, he missed the entire thing.

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