Burwardsley day 2 part 2

Date: 7th Jun 2016 @ 8:47pm

Today we have had another amazing day doing all kinds of different things. We looked at some Iron Age artefacts and we had a go at making a real round house. We got very dirty squelching all the mud into the grass (sorry Mums and Dads). We then did an archeological dig and found lots of bones and old Stone Age items under ground. 

After that we went up Willow hill and saw a badgers sett and learnt at least 10 different types of plants and trees. Ask any of the children about giant hogsweed and they will be able to tell you all about it! 

We have had a lovely, filling tea and then got glammed up for the disco. It didn't last long as the children were keen to go outside and play on the play park for the last time or have a game of football, limbo or crounders (cricket-rounders). 

We can't wait for tomorrow. Thanks for the lovely comments, we have read them to the children tonight. 

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Emma Murphy (Caitlin's mum) wrote:

You all look like you are having a wonderful time! Wish I was there enjoying the fun - enjoy your last day. We looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. See you soon, love you Caitlin. From Mum, Dad and Ryan xx

Sue Allan wrote:

Great photos...looks like you're having a fantastic time

Miss Willington wrote:

The trip up willow hill was great and the children did so well. We were so proud of them all!

Ethan rocks wrote:

Thanks for the trip your the best miss willington

Imogen harry wrote:

Thanks so much for the food and the other stuff but I loved burwardsely

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